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Document Management Services

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The most valuable asset of any organization is data. Without a backup system in place, an organization could lose all of their data, important documents, financials records and every other important bit of information that a company needs can all be lost in the event of a cyclone, flood, fire or even a system crash.

IT Assist provides backup management solutions that Enables reduction in risk exposure and adheres to stringent service levels while being a cost effective.


Optimized Backup
Capability to support heterogeneous platform for Hardware, Software, Application, Database.
Online backup without disrupting application usage.
Backup without affecting the performance of service levels of the IT Infrastructure.
Flexible choice of medium of backup – Disk, Tape, Library, Cloud, etc. in line with the policy and requirements of the client.
Ease of restore drills.
Automated and well defined mechanism of recycling of media.
Scaling your operations