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Author: Julian Ligo
YTS: Beware of cameras when you have sex in public

The Yumi Toktok Stret admins want the public to be more aware of their surroundings when engaging in sexual activities. YTS wants everyone to think of their privacy and respect their own privacy when engaging in sexual activity around Port Vila, Lugnaville, and other islands connected to social media. In an incident earlier this week, […]

What will we do about internet in Vanuatu?

After 35 years of Independence the people of Vanuatu have united to celebrate. Well they united through social media to celebrate the 35th Independence anniversary. It became a historic day for Vanuatu when all activities inside the three Municipalities were uploaded as they happened and at that moment Vanuatu was seen celebrating united around the […]

Digicel i stilim ol kastoma blem

DIGICEL grup lo Vanuatu I stap stilim ol kastoma blem afta we wan lo ol kastom blem I faenemaot tede lo moning we wan mesej Io fon blem mo talem se oli karemaot vt100 lo balens blem from data bandel we kastoma ia I se hemi no saen ap from data ia. Taem kastoma ia […]